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This is devoted to everyone that has helped me and continues to help me in my quest to be a professional cyclist. 

For the past 2 years I have been under the wing of Cherie Pridham and I cannot thank the support from Team Vitus Pro cycling P/B Brother UK enough for their continued faith in me. I am now beginning to realise my true potential and realising that I can get to the top of this sport. I hope that I can make a difference in races and with in the UK fraction of the sport as well as the international fraternity. The entire set up at Vitus pro cycling has been instrumental to me realising my purpose.


Trainsharp have been pivotal in fine tuning my training to make me the best I can be physically and mentally. The training plan I receive is great and tailored to my needs and the four years I have spent with them I have improved across all areas of cycling.  

HMT and all associated sponsors

Enormous thanks to HMT cycling team for the 2017 season. All the staff and supporting sponsors: CONDOR cycles, HIGH 5 sports nutrition and PRO VISION CLOTHING made the experience unforgettable. The incredible efforts of Tony Barrett and Mark Barry, along with Christian Braybrooke and all the other team staff members, have helped create the perfect launch pad for my future career.

My former clubs: Chelmer CC and LVYCC

As I was developing as a youth rider I was lucky enough to be supported by two great clubs. The Chelmer supported me up until the point where racing became my priority and then the Lee valley youth cycling club began my development into a racing cyclist without either of these set ups I would not be where I am now. 

Friends and Family 

Of course none of my endeavours would ever be possible without the close support of all my family. My friends play a huge role too especially those among the Chelmsford cycling community. I would need several pages to be able to mention everyone so here is an incomprehensibly large thanks to everyone: friends and family what I do wouldn't believe my dream possible without you!  

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