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2018 begins...

The start of a new year with a new team. The First time that the entire group of riders met each other was at the training camp in February. We flew down to Alicante and then drove to Almeria where we would spend a week together. I think everyone will admit it was quite nervous to start with, but from the point that everyone started to open up it was clear that we had a great group of riders and people that would that work well together. I had the pleasure to room with Deins who is simply a giant, both in stature and character. He will definitely win races this year. Sadly everyone caught a little bit of an illness that seemed to be lingering around our hotel and this hindered our work together on the bikes, but we came out of the camp well acquainted and ready to go and win races.

The selections for the first race of the season was made. Josh Hunt, Adam Kenway, Deins Kaņepējs , Julio Amores , Harrison Jones and me. it would be my first senior professional race and I had no idea what to expect. I was extremely nervous before the sart but all the guys and Cherie Pridham, kept me calm and made sure I did my best. Starting I was surprised to find that the speed wasn't far in excess of what I'm capable of and I made sure that when I could helped out my teammates and followed any attacks. It was a messy race around an 18km circuit with twists and turns which I didn't really notice until later. The day was cold and wet; I don't think there was a single rider who wasn't miserable and wishing for a hot cup of coffee. The puncture count gradually rose. Deins punctured, he came back. Harrison punctured, he came back. Then Harrison punctured again and came back. Adam Kenway punctured then I punctured and we both found it impossible to get back in through the cars with the twisty nature of the course making pacing difficult only made worse by the fact our team was being watched closely by a motorbike commissaire. Shortly after my puncture I flew past another red jersey! Julio too had punctured. that left one man in the team still on his inflated tires, Josh. Adam Julio, and I were not able to regain contact with the race and were pulled out 50km from the finish having completed roughly 130km of the race. Harrison joined us shortly after having punctured for a 3rd time! It was a problem many teams faced and was reflected in the results with only 50 or so finishers. Deins punctured shortly before the finish. Josh rolled in the main group despite having struggled to eat for the 180km! So we had a lot of bad luck.

Team presentation, Gp Lillers 2018

I took a lot from this first race. The most important of which is the confidence I have gained from realising that I a in fact at the physical level to race with these top professionals. I also once again found that Bike racing is ultimately governed by lady luck and she had divorced us on this day.

The team came back strong in the Eddie Soens memorial race last weekend placing Deins 4th. I sat out the race due to a cold which has plagued me following the gruesome whether of Lillers. I shall return to competition in the Chelmer Hard-riders 25 mile TT this Sunday and rejoin the boys the following weekend at the Coleville wheelers RR. Watch this space...

Gp Lillers 2018, futilely chasing back from a puncutre

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