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Christmas and into the New Year

Vitus pro cycling

The Christmas period passed uneventfully, I had a short spell of man flu which, my twin sister will tell you was a concoction to have a few extra hours sleep, but it did stop me training effectively for a few days. I indulged in the decadence of the festive season as much as possible to make up for the sadness of missed training sessions. Starting the new year, my body has found itself in some surprisingly good shape and I am confident that, with the efforts of the past few months and the coming work in the next few months, I will feel stronger than ever. Trainsharp, as ever, can take a large amount of credit for creating the confidence that I have in my fitness going into the 2018 season.

2018 will see me venture to new horizons as I enter the u23 and British professional ranks with Vitus Pro Cycling, which I am ecstatic to announce will be my UCI continental team for 2018. The reality of the situation is still sinking in. I still feel as if I should be racing "car park crits" as a crazy fearless 14 year old!

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported me up to now in my progression through the youth and Junior ranks. Chelmer cycling Club, Lee valley youth Cycling club, Trainsharp, In-gear and HMT cycling academy have all helped mould me into the athlete I am today. And a big thanks must go to Vitus Pro Cycling and Cherie Pridham for the opportunity to continue my dream.

In the coming months I'll be getting stuck into the British elite races with a great group of guys and hopefully building the foundations for the next few years of my career!

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