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2018 starts here

With the 2017 season at an end, following a brief spell of relaxation, well, as relaxed as I could be (if you follow my strava you will be aware that I occupied my 2 weeks break with various running sessions and I also engaged in some tennis too just to maintain sanity) in the act of inactivity. So following my various off season antics it's now time to start the build up to 2018.

Winter training with the Chelmer

The winter will be punctuated by long rides and even longer seeming turbo sessions which I have already established a firm rhythm to. My aim is to only compete in the London track league until the new year when I can start to consider with Trainsharp and my new team what the new year will bring and what I will target throughout the season.

It will be a big step up for me and my junior compatriots making the transition from Junior to U23 which, is effectively a step into the lower professional ranks of the sport; it will be essential for me to find my feet quickly in my new team and continue to progress as I have done in 2017. With the expert support of my coaches and team staff and the fantastic support of all my family and friends I'm sure I can make this coming year count.

The hard work starts here though, and I can expect to be out throughout the winter in all weathers and I will most probably frequent various local club runs and be making some epic endeavours in the dark months that are to come.

If you want my personal opinion I hate winter. It is undeniably the most dismal, depressing month of the year, but some say the greatest losses and gains can be made here and I will have the words of Percy shelly in my thoughts as "If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?"

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