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New year new team  

With 2019 now behind us and a difficult year for me it was, I felt, time for a change. My time at Vitus was incredible and I met some fantastic people and learned a huge deal about racing and about myself. I never really found my feet or the confidence to go for the big races. Cherie Pridham had also noticed this lack of confidence in me and so together we made the decision that a smaller team would benefit my development. For the 2020 season I will race for the TBW23 Academy. The team is based in the south east of England and I have grown up racing with many of the riders currently on the roster. I already have renewed motivation and hope for the coming races. This year I have some big goals and I'm not leaving anything up to chance to attain them and with this change I can feel there's going to be a lot of differences in 2020. Watch this space. 

2019 draws to a close  

2019 has been yet another flat out year and as with last year the british professional calendar comes to abrupt end before even the world championships! Sadly, for our team having narrowly missed out on Tour Of Britain selection that means we are left with a void in September. Nevertheless that does mean that I will not be racing. I am among a fortunate few living in close proximity to the Channel tunnel. A short journey across to Belgium is always on the cards and having passed my driving test in February I am annoyed that I haven't gone sooner. Although I am making it a priority to at least win a National B road race before the end of the year. Once that has been achieved I will head out to Belgium to race the famous pro kermesses. So this year is most certainly going to end with a bang!  

2018 Move to Vitus pro cycling team

I am excited to finally be able to announce that I will be joining the British UCI continental team Vitus pro cycling managed by Cherie Pridham the only female manager in the UK cycling scene for 2018. I am elated to receive this opportunity to battle it out in the elite ranks and I hope that I can achieve some good results for my team and help out some of my very talented team mates to do the same! It's going to be a rip-roaring year!

2017 with HMT with JLT Condor 

For the 2017 season I was lucky enough to be able to spend the year racing as part of  perhaps the best Junior team in the UK if not Europe. I have had the best year of my life. I have experienced various successes and disappointments. The year has led me to set up my career as a cyclist perfectly going into 2018.

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Spokes kingdom classic rainy day
Acht Van Bladel

I equalled my performance from Poland In this 3 day stage race in Holland. I rode the best single stage to date on the stage 3a where I joined another rider in a breakaway 30km from the finish . We worked well together to hold off the peloton and I won the stage from a 2 up sprint as my companion shipped his chain.



Break away Acht Van Bladel
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